WATCH: Senior NHL Analyst Says Flyers Ivan Provorov Should Go Back to Russia and Fight in Ukraine War for Refusing to Wear LGBTQ ‘Pride’ Garb

This is an absolutely lunatic-like and moronic viewpoint coming from a major network about Flyers Defenseman Ivan Provorov refusing to wear an LGBTQ pride jersey because of his Christian beliefs.

Our friend Clay Travis calls out this NHL analyst and pipsqueak and this is honestly too much, its’ hard to believe the left is this insane.

NHL analyst says on the NHL Network! that if Philly Flyers Provorov doesn’t want to wear a pro-LBGTQ uniform he should leave America, go back to Russia, and fight in the war against Ukraine. The tolerant left! Holy shit:


The Chair is against the Wall… John has a long Mustache.. You get it.. We get it.. Now get the shirt at

The NHL analyst in question in this segment is EJ Hradek, and his title is senior reporter at the NHL Network. What a disgrace this guy is.

Can you imagine if a conservative commentator told someone to go back to their country and to fight in a war going on in that country because they didn’t agree with something they said?

We’ll wait..

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