WATCH! Senator John Kennedy HUMILIATES Dr. Fauci

Senator John Kennedy (R-La) might be one of the best Republicans in the Senate. He’s a fighter, he’s funny, and deeply conservative, and always willing to speak honestly on issues, even contentious ones.

He has humiliated Biden’s SCOTUS nominee, mocks the leftists at every turn, poses tough questions during Senate hearings, and released onE of the funniest commercials ever. He’s is actually very interesting to listen to. 

This week Kennedy added to his list of leftists he has demolished when answering to Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity’s question, on the Hannity show. He can now mount another trophy on his already star-studded wall, after torching Dr. Tony Fauci.

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As you can hear in the video, Senator Kennedy answered Hannity, “Two points, Sean. Number one, as I think I have told you before. I don’t hate anyone. That includes Dr. Fauci. He has decided to retire in December, and I wish him well. However, this is my second point. Unless you do your research on Twitter, you know that the American people have many, many questions about how Dr. Fauci, other public health officials, and our government handled the pandemic.”

Continuing Kennedy said, “Getting answers to those question from Dr. Fauci and others has been like trying to slam a revolving door. Democrats are in charge, but they refuse to press. The Republicans will. Here’s my prediction, if Republicans take one or both houses of Congress, or unless Dr. Fauci, retirement or not decides to seek asylum in some remote, obscure foreign country, like maybe Wuhan, China, will take him.”

But that wasn’t all that Senator Kennedy had to say about Dr. Fauci, as he continued, “I don’t know but we need to find out. It’s not about Republicans or Democrats, and it’s not about Dr. Fauci. It’s about the American people. They have been through hell in part on the advice of Dr. Fauci. To say nothing of the fact that we may have to go through this sometime again soon. We want to be ready.”

Kennedy added, “Maybe he was right. But maybe he was wrong. The last conversation I had with Dr. Fauci with respect to my bar no ill will, he was in front of a committee. They only gave me five minutes. I asked him a simple question, what did we learn from the pandemic? I got afelonious amount of B.S.”

Dr. Fauci might think that he can hide. Senator Kennedy and the real Republicans have a very different ideal!

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