WATCH! Sen. Lindsey Graham Makes Prediction For Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Date

The nominations and swearing-in of Judge Amy Coney Barrett is among the most controversial issues in today’s political landscape. With democratic leaders implying a “stacking of the supreme court” if given the opportunity, appointing the 9th Justice now is of the utmost importance to the survival of American Democracy.

As of Sunday morning, Senator Lindsey Graham has enough confidence that the Supreme Court Justice will be seated “no later than October 27th”.

From Tyler Olsen of Fox News:

Graham, R-S.C., laid out the timeline of the Barrett confirmation in a conversation with Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.” He said that the committee will have hearings Monday through Thursday before beginning its markup of the nomination Thursday afternoon, before pushing back a final committee vote on Barrett to the following Thursday.

“We’ll come back holding over a week and vote her out of committee on October the 22nd,” Graham said. “I believe she will be confirmed no later than Tuesday, a week before the election.”

Those left of the aisle have done what they can thus far in order to thwart the Judges appointment to our Supreme Court. One of the reasons is that the topic of Roe v. Wade may be put back on the table. But the other reason, and possibly the most relevant reason, is that the upcoming election will undoubtedly undergo a significant degree of contingency in the weeks following the election. Should the federal government and states be unable to determine a clear winner, there is a chance that a decision might make its way to the highest court in the land. With a conservative majority, this is one the radical left’s biggest and most immediate fears. They’ve even proposed that ACB should not be allowed to weigh in on the issue given that she will have just been appointed by the incumbent, Republican President.

Lindsey Graham weighed in on that proposition last month, calling it one of the “most absurd” ideas he’s heard.

Furthermore, In a statement made over the weekend, Graham went on to speak on the importance of nominating the Judge prior to November 3rd.

Graham on Sunday also criticized Democrats over calls by some in the party to pack the Supreme Court if Joe Biden wins the presidential election and Democrats take back the Senate. 

“It changes America as we know it,” Graham said. “If we lost the House, the Senate and the White House they’re going to change the rules of the Senate .. so you only need a majority, anything coming out of the House sails through the Senate. They’re going to expand the court from nine to whatever number they need to make it liberal… A liberal Supreme Court is a nightmare for business, it’s a nightmare for social policy.”

Graham added: “If [Democrats] win, it’s not going to be about a health care debate, they’re going to structurally change the country.”

As you already know, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have repeatedly refused to clearly state their intentions with the US Supreme Court in regards to “stacking the court”. At this point, we fell it is fairly obvious what their intentions are. There are already plans and policies being proposed that would never pass without the supreme court being stacked in favor of the democrats. 

Swearing Amy Coney Barrett in as quickly as possible is extremely vital to American Democracy.

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