WATCH! SCARY CLIP of Joe Biden’s MSNBC Interview Exposes National Security Threat as President’s Health Becomes Major Issue

In an interview with MSNBC released on Friday, October 21, President Biden appeared to have some physical issues when asked about running in 2024.

You need to watch the attached clip to get the full effect of Biden’s reaction to the question, but his eyes droop and he looks like he about to fall over for a second. It looked so bad that the interviewer reacts in a startled fashion, perhaps thinking Biden was going to pass out.

Also, what’s worrisome is that there’s an editor’s cut at that part of the interview, which means Biden could actually been out of it for even longer than the clip reveals.

It seems Biden was jolted back into consciousness by the interviewer, as the president stumbled through his answer. He was very lethargic while doing so, and his struggles continued in other parts of the interview. 

Scary clip

BIDEN: “It’s my intention to run again.”

MSNBC: “Dr. Biden is for it?”

BIDEN: crickets

MSNBC: “Mr. President?”

BIDEN: “Dr. Biden thinks that uh, my wife thinks that uh, that I uh, that, that we’re, that we’re doing something very important.”

Not being sure of the exact time this this interview was filmed, it either came right before or right after another incident where Biden spoke unintelligibly to a reporter in Pennsylvania without even realizing it.

Imagine being a Democrat and thinking this guy is capable to lead a nation more than Donald J. Trump? Anyone still supporting this regime or this President who doesn’t even know where he is half of the time is a clown folks.

It is very apparent something isn’t right with Biden, and those in the media refusing to deal with the issue are now complicit in covering up what appears to be a serious issue with the president’s health.

This is and should be a concerning issue, and no amount of deflecting to Trump holding a glass of water with two hands will change that. What’s in these clips should pique the interest of any fair-minded individual about Biden’s condition. The presidency is not a job for someone that should be in a retirement home, and even though we’ve all had our fun in the past with all of Biden’s gaffes, it has reached the point where this isn’t amusing anymore.

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There is more than enough evidence of Biden’s mental shortcomings that everyone should know that he isn’t functioning as the president.

Americans have many questions, such as what kind of drugs is he taking? What is he doing when he runs off to Delaware every weekend, just like he is this weekend.? Why do his energy levels appear to vary so wildly? Remember on some days he is shown jogging to a podium, and other times he can’t find the way to get off the podium?

There are so many questions that demand answers on the president’s mental and physical condition. It is high time the press corps put aside its partisanship and do its job. This is too important to keep sweeping under the rug.

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