Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared on the View on Tuesday, and of course it was an all out ambush on the former press secretary.

Sanders was involved in an explosive exchange on the view when none other than John McCain’s liberal daughter Meghan went on the attack. Pile on Joy Behar and Whoopi, and it’s a party America.

Sunny Hostin: This is not Joe Biden’s America. This is Trump’s America. This is happening under your president’s watch.

Sanders: In Democrat run cities! Every place that you see these major incidents and these riots, it’s in Democrat-led cities. And it’s not like they just became Democrat-led cities, they’ve been Democrat-run for decades. The worst places we have these problems is where Democrats have been allowed to lead. We’re finally starting to clean this mess up, starting to make things better. This is a president who has empowered the African American community. He’s done more than his predecessors. We have the lowest unemployment for black Americans, historic funding for HBCU’s, opportunity zones, criminal justice reform.

No surprise @TheView tried to cut me off when I started exposing the pattern of unchecked mob violence in Democrat-run cities… Read the truth about our fight against the liberal mob in my new book, available NOW at

See the exchange with McCain and Sanders below:

“That’s not who this president is and that’s not how he feels about the men and women who serve in our military,” Sarah Sanders tells @TheView when asked about reports claiming Pres. Trump made disparaging remarks about fallen service members.


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