WATCH: Rioter Sets Himself on Fire While Trying to Set Building Ablaze

We might have a Darwin award winner here America, or let’s just perhaps elude to the fact that justice was served?

A rioter here was trying to set a building on fire with a homemade Molotov cocktail when he accidentally set himself on fire.

Perhaps you it’s Karma, or perhaps it’s justice, I’m really not sure. I know one thing, I’m sick and tired of these delinquents using a tragedy as an excuse to break the law.

As you know, Rioters disguised as Protesters have been beating people up in mob numbers, looting, rioting, burning cars and buildings across America.

Maybe this video will make them think otherwise? Enjoy!

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James Johnson
2 years ago

This was in my hometown of Fayetteville, NC and the historic building was the Market House.