WATCH: RINO Dan Crenshaw Attacks Freedom Caucuses MTG, Gosar, Jordan, Gohmert, Brooks, and Boebert as ‘Grifters’

We all know that Dan Crenshaw is a RINO (Republican in Name Only) in fact, many in the conservative movement not in the “conservative cool kids club” call him McCrenshaw in reference to RINO John McCain, the late Senator from Arizona.

Dan Crenshaw even goes on to praise a RINO who’s actually a Democrat named Adam Kinzinger who’s been a massive attacker of President Trump.

Crenshaw claims the Freedom Caucus was was voting against President Trump in this latest video. The Lincoln project is cheering him on, which is truly all you need to know.

Crenshaw has went against President Trump at almost every turn, didn’t fight against election fraud, and literally is the reincarnation of John McCain, are you awake yet America? We sure as hell hope so.

Here’s what some conservatives were saying about Crenshaw on Twitter.

Do you trust Dan Crenshaw? Comment below.

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