WATCH: Ridiculous TikTok Video Put Out by Female Soldiers is Sure to Have China & Russia Quaking in Their Boots #SARCASM

Another viral TikTok video has emerged, and the great heroes of our military are rolling over in their graves. We’re sure the Chinese and Russians, as well as the Iranians are still laughing as well.

That’s right, a TikTok video of what looks to be Army females in basic training dancing to Beyonce has surfaced, kind of like those videos of nurses dancing in the overcrowded and overflowing hospitals you heard about for the last two years.

The Chinese are showing aggression and threatening to take Taiwan. The Russians are threatening to take back the Ukraine. North Korea just fired multiple missiles after Brandon pissed them off. The US Embassy was attacked in Baghdad last week by Iranian backed terrorists. But sure ladies, let’s do some TikTok videos and show how fierce we are.

You can watch the ridiculous video below:


Please note, this article isn’t anti-military in anyway. But attitude reflects leadership, and it’s obvious that America’s military and government is leaderless.

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5 months ago

Damn… they can’t even dance well! 😂

5 months ago

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