WATCH: Reporter in Ohio Shows East Palestine Water EXTREMELY CONTAMINATED on Newly Released VIDEO

Investigative reporter Nick Sortor was in Ohio today, sharing videos from East Palestine showing that the water is not okay, and in fact EXTREMELY CONTAMINATED!

Our pressure campaign in East Palestine is working! Our video today exposing the @EPA’s blatant lies about water quality REALLY woke a lot of people up, and I’m so proud of that. I truly believe without citizen journalists utilizing the new Twitter, the MSM would’ve continued ignoring this story. We CANNOT let up though. Because as soon as we do, the people of East Palestine will be thrown to the wayside, and I’m not about to let that happen.

Sorter asked Democrat Senator Brown (D-OH) after he toured the East Palestine crash site with the EPA admin, “If you lived here, would you feel safe in the water, or even drinking the water?”

Brown responded with “I can’t answer that.”

It only took Joe Biden’s EPA (Enviornmental Protection Agency) 13 days to show up in East Palestine, Ohio.

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Sorter offered him a glass of water from the town, but the EPA Director declined to drink it. Stunning and brave!

Watch the video below from Sorter on the contaminated and extremely toxic water in Ohio.


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1 month ago

I don’t believe any of this is a coincidence or an accident I believe this is all intentional look at what the president’s been doing at this country he’s allowed illegals and he wants them to vote he wants China to take over our farmland and he’s taken away the American people’s food and resources as much as possible killing the jobs this is Us genocide of the American people and our criminal and the capital is connected to all of it he does not give a damn about this country all he cares about is his bank account and… Read more »

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