WATCH! Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s Powerful Speech on Impeachment Sham from House Floor (VIDEO)

This is seriously one of the best speeches I’ve ever seen in my lifetime on the floor of the people’s House.

GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy gave the speech of his career, and it’s not one that any American should miss.

Listen to this speech, and open your minds. This is truly what’s at stake in our Republic.

“We are not [here] working for the American people… This Congress’ records is more subpoenas than laws – that’s the legacy. It is not just devoid of solutions for the American people, it is now abusing its power to discredit democracy.”

Our leaders don’t talk much like this anymore, and it was very encouraging to see this Thursday from our Nation’s capital.

What did you think of Congressman McCarthy’s speech?

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Little Wing
Little Wing
1 year ago

Would be great to see a video of the speech!