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WATCH Rand Paul wipe the floor with Senate Republicans for blocking the amendment to Defund planned parenthood


Senator Rand Paul took his fellow Republican Senators to the wood shed on Friday after they refused to vote to Defund Planned Parenthood. An organization that aborts more than 300,000 babies per year, all at the expense of the American tax payer. Not only does Planned Parenthood do all of that, they also support Democratic Election campaigns with tax payer funds as well.

Click HERE to watch the full video

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2 years ago

Rand Paul may be the sole voice of morality in the United States Senate today.

Anthony Jacobs
Anthony Jacobs
2 years ago

Excuse me but why do we bother to pay our taxes? Oh that’s right, the illegal, Fiat System and illegal FDIC and Federal Reserve! Kennedy was shot for printing Silver Certificates! Trump! Do Something!

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