WATCH: Psaki’s Demented Reason Why the US is Buying Oil from Enemy Nations

So why is America buying foreign oil from tyrannical dictators and evil enemy nations of the United States? Its’ a great question isn’t it?

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has a very demented and insane answer as to why.

First: Administration officials are meeting with foreign counterparts in Venezuela.  You’ve also talked to Iran and the Saudis.  Is the supply of oil so important that it’s acceptable to cut deals in some cases with countries that may have engaged in unsavory actions in the past?

Keep in mind, that both Saudi Arabia and the UAE refused to even talk to President Joe Biden. Kudos to those guys to make sure he’s on both knees with a rose in his mouth before taking his call.

Well, first, I think it’s important to take each of those engagements separately, because there are a range of issues that are important in each of those — in each of those relationships.

One, as it relates to Saudi Arabia, we did talk a few weeks ago about how Brett McGurk and Amos Hochstein went to Saudi Arabia to discuss a range of issues — including the war in Yemen, including security in the region, and certainly including energy security.

They had the discussion. It’s in everyone’s interests to — to reduce the impact on the global oil marketplace, and that was part of that discussion.

As it relates to Venezuela, the purpose of the trip that was taken by administration officials was to discuss a range of issues — including, certainly, energy security — but also to discuss the health and welfare of detained U.S. citizens. We’re never going to miss an opportunity to do exactly that.

And I will just note, in this scenario, that they are separate. They are separate paths and conversations, just as they are in the Iran negotiations.

You can watch the mind numbing response below.


Yes America, they think you’re stupid, and sadly many who aren’t paying attention to what’s really happening are proving them right.

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