WATCH: Project Veritas CEO James O’Keefe Confronts ‘Rise and Resist’ Protesters Outside of New York Young Republicans Club Gala

This is one of the best things you’ll see on your Monday, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe confronting the “Rise and Resist” protestors at the New York Young Republicans Gala.

As James walks out, a protester says, “Are you with Project Veritas?”

James responds with “I’m the CEO of Project Veritas.”

“We’ll see you in prison one day hopefully,” one of the protesters blurts out.

James: “Why would you want me in prison?”

Protestor: “Because you’re a criminal.”

James: “Why do you think I’m a criminal.”

Protester: “I’m not going to comment on it.”

James: “Well, you just called me a criminal, why do you think I’m a criminal?”

Protester: “I think you’re an insurrectionist and a conspirator to defraud the United States of America.”

James: “Why am I an insurrectionist, why am I an insurrectionist?”

Protester: “I’m done, I’m done.”

James: “Why am I an insurrectionist? What would be the basis for you calling me an insurrectionist? Because I record people? Because I film people? Because I’m an investigative reporter? Do you think that Journalism is insurrection?

Protester: “I don’t think you’re a journalist.”

James: “Why do you think I’m not a journalist?”

Watch the entire video, James confronts multiple insane leftist protesters who literally have no clue why they hate him, or the track record of project veritas never losing a lawsuit. It’s absolutely unbelievable.


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