WATCH! President’s Attorney Rudy Giuliani Destroys Chuck Todd (VIDEO)

Watching Rudy Giuliani the President’s attorney going one on one with Chuck Todd was breathtaking on Sunday. It’s nice to see someone finally stand up to the fake news media.

Chuck Todd refuses to talk about Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele, or the fact that the Clinton Foundation and the DNC paid for the fake dossier that was used to open the investigation into President Trump.

“What’s the difference between a spy and a foreign adversary?” Giuliani asked Todd, in regards to Wikileaks.

“Everything they put out about Hillary Clinton was true. In other words they didn’t make things up, they shouldn’t have stolen it. But the American people were just given more information about how deceptive, how manipulative, her people and her campaign were.”

“In other words if the Russians had stolen the information and it showed Hillary Clinton to be just a wonderful person and everybody was fine, they were all honest, and they were all terrific it would have helped her. If it hurt her at all, the American people only got information that was gotten in the wrong way, but it all was true. All that stuff that backfired on her.”

Todd goes on to say that in 2016 that the Intelligence community knew that “Wikileaks was not a journalistic enterprise anymore, it may have started that way, that it was serving as a front for foreign intelligence dumps. Why did the President think it was ethical to essential trumpet what Wikileaks was doing?”

Giuliani again shut Todd down.

“If I’m even in law enforcement if I’m running an investigation and all of a sudden evidence is given to me about the criminality of the person I’m investigating, even if it’s from a questionable source I’m going to use that information.”

This is a fiery 18 minute interview, and I encourage you all to watch this. Giuliani is straight fire in this interview.

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Linda Haddock
Linda Haddock
3 years ago

Chuck Todd is not interested in reporting or discussing Hillary’s underhanded activities in the last election. She done everything to keep Bernie from beating her.