WATCH: President’s Attorney Jay Sekulow UNLOADS on Democrats in Opening Remarks

Jay Sekulow is one of the best attorneys in the history of America. He showed why he’s argued cases before the United States Supreme Court on Tuesday.

“It’s also my privilege to represent the President of the United States before this chamber. Senator Schumer said earlier today that the eyes of the founders are on these proceedings. Indeed that’s true, but it’s the heart of the constitution that governs these proceedings.”

He continued…

“What we just heard from manager Schiff, courts have no roll, privileges don’t apply, what happened in the past we should just ignore. In fact, manager Schiff just said try to summarize my colleagues defense of the President. He said it not in those words of course, which isn’t the first time Mr. Schiff has put words into transcripts that did not exist.”

Watch the entire amazing opening below:

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