President Donald Trump hinted at an appearance at the Million MAGA March on Friday and he kept his word today.

Nothing unusual for the President to keep his word to his supporters.
President Trump made an early appearance Saturday at the “Million MAGA March held in his honor today in Washington, D.C. There were tens of thousands of supporters cheering him on.

The President stayed in his vehicle, but the motorcade was driven slowly past the throngs of supporters, with the President waving at the supporters. Many of the supporters were chanting “USA, USA, USA” as the motorcade approached.

As the motorcade proceeded through the thousands, many were chanting “Four More Years, Four More Years,” while many of the supporters were running beside the motorcade trying to snap photos. It was very evident that it was very pleasing and appreciated by the President.

Matt Couch, founder of the DCPatriot, stated that the crowd was an unbelievable spectacle as he reported live from the event. He also said, “most of the mass media were not reporting on the event and social media platforms like twitter and others were blocking or trying to block any attempt to enable reports being sent and posted.”

WATCH the video by our good friend Nathan Hughes below:

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7 months ago

PDJT is the coolest, hardest working President ever. He has tried his best for this country while facing more opposition than any other, purely out of hate. They promised to hate him from the beginning, and they did. They promised to block everything he did, and they’ve kept their word. Trump also made a promise. He promised to fight for the American People and the American way of life, and he has. He has visibly tried his best to keep his promises to the people, and I believe he’s accomplished that. Just because people who don’t like him say he’s… Read more »