WATCH! President Trump ‘He Can Take A Punch’ at CPAC (VIDEO)

President Trump praised Hayden Williams today at CPAC, Hayden as many of you might remember was sucker punched at UC Berkeley about a month ago while working as a conservative activist.

Williams a conservative activist for Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA group was sporting pro Trump signs at the event when he was attacked. You can read about the incident HERE.

Saturday morning at CPAC President Trump invited Williams up on stage to praise the young man for his bravery. “He can take a punch, Muhammad Ali could take a punch, but he can take a punch.”

The President went on to tell the audience and those watching at home “He took a hard punch in the face for all of us, remember that, and we can never allow that to happen.”

“He’s going to be a very wealthy young man.” Trump added.

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