WATCH! Piers Morgan Team Edits Interview to Make it Look like Trump Walked Out on Him to Hype Upcoming Show, Trump Shares Full Audio and Outs Them!

In an interview done with Piers Morgan earlier this week, national media and others in the independent media reported that President Trump became frustrated and walked out on the interview. Well, that’s not true, not even close and we’ve got the scoop!

President Trump sat down for a one on one 75 minute interview with his former Celebrity Apprentice winner and protege of the 45th President.

Here’s the video that the Piers Morgan team over at Talk TV are airing and sharing to promote the interview.


Morgan who won the Celebrity Apprentice show in 2008, and has been a defender of the former President may have really stepped on toes he shouldn’t have this time around.

Morgan’s team posted the 30 minute video you saw above, and the audio appears to show President Trump walking out of the explosive interview after a back and forth between the two over the 2020 election being stolen.

However the Trump Team has now released the full audio of the interview proving that Morgan’s team deceptively used Fake News practices and edited the clips together to make it look as nasty as possible for President Trump in order to drive up ratings for Piers new show.

Here’s the full audio from Breitbart.

The full 75-minute interview will air on April 25th on Pierce Uncensored on Talk TV at 8pm Eastern.

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David Hernandez
David Hernandez
9 months ago

Sounds like they both have something to gain. Pierce, of course, wants to drum up ratings. President Trump, of course, wants to drum up the deceptive practices of the media.

If Trump has the full audio, and Pierce is releasing the full interview as well on 4-25, then this seems nothing more than a cheap publicity stunt; and if so, then I’m disappointed in Trump for participating in this.