WATCH: Pfizer Releases Ad Targeting Kids Ages 5 to 11, to Get COVID Jab

An FDA advisory panel voted almost unanimously on Tuesday to recommend authorizing the jab and vaccination of young children, an absolute monstrous notion. The FDA approved it today for children 5-11.

The FDA is yet another tyrannical government organization trying to bully and do the bidding of those in power. There is ZERO reason to vaccinate children who have a 99.999999999% chance of beating the virus without a vaccine.

Next week a group for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention advisory group will review the data and will likely recommend the vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. And No, before some media talking head or big tech bully says it’s safe, they have no clue. It takes YEARS for this kind of data to be available.

Now, Pfizer has released COVID vaccine ads targeting kids to get the jab.

This is absolutely sickening, watch it below.


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10 months ago

👎 Bad idea.