WATCH! Parents Brawling at Youth Sporting Events Chasing Away Good Referees

The downfall of our society due to liberalism is starting to be seen everywhere. From the effects of people being attacked over a hat they wear, to participation trophies.

As reported by NBC Affiliate WLWT5 in Cincinnati heated emotions in the above video show parents brawling after a Junior High School game.

“The video was kind of really scary,” veteran coach and umpire Chris Sheldon said.

Scary but no longer shocking.

“You can search and watch a hundred videos an hour of circumstances like that,” Sheldon said.

Sheldon is convinced outbursts on the sidelines and in the stands during kids’ sporting events are sending good referees and umpires packing.

“I’m concerned about the numbers because I’m having to work harder,” he said. “Others are having to work harder. I went through a three-year stretch where I did almost 600 games a year between three sports.”

“I have a fear that there’s not gonna be sports in the next decade or so because of the numbers,” Rob Rude said.

Rude has been officiating games for three decades. He pays close attention to incidents involving parents who behave badly and, in some cases, violently, because their actions can be so upsetting for men and women who enjoy helping young athletes by enforcing the rules of a particular sport.

“They get berated. They get treated with disrespect,” Rude said. “They feel threatened in a lot of cases. So that forces older officials to leave. And it keeps younger officials from coming into the officiating business.”

“It’s unfortunate because the whole point of youth sports is to develop kids and learn that teamwork and discipline and all the good things about youth sports,” Rude said. “Unfortunately, the parents are ruining that opportunity for kids.”

WLWT investigator Todd Dykes asked Rude and Sheldon what message they have for moms and dads who let youth sports games get the best of them.

“I just wish that there was a little more patience involved and understanding what we go through,” Sheldon said. “What we try to accomplish as officials is to do the best job we can every single time we step out there.”

You can read more over at WLWT5

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