WATCH! Packed Restaurant in Vancouver Chants “GET OUT” to Draconian Health Inspectors

A packed restaurant in Vancouver, Canada has had enough of the Covid shutdowns and idiocy, as their guests revolted against a group of health department hall monitors trying to keep them from enjoying a meal at a local restaurant.

The owner of a Vancouver restaurant is vowing to continue defying a provincial health order banning indoor dining for three weeks, despite being served with an individual order to close.

On Monday it was announced this restaurant and another Vancouver restaurant have both had their business licenses suspended.

The Tyrants with the Vancouver police said a liquor coordinator and provincial health officers attended Corduroy Restaurant on Cornwall Avenue, Saturday and issued a full closure order.

We need more of this around the world to stop this nonsense as the governments around the world along with their corporate masters are working to control the populations with mask ordinances and unconstitutional mask ordinances.

But the restaurant remained open to diners when Global News attended Saturday night, and on its Instagram page, the restaurant says it plans to reopen on Tuesday, after closing for Easter and because it had run out of food.

Until people around the globe start doing this, it will not end.

Watch Below:

n a statement, Vancouver Coastal Health said “any alleged violations of closure orders are taken very seriously and are thoroughly investigated.”

Asked about the apparent lack of enforcement, Health Minister Adrian Dix said action was being taken Sunday.

“I’m frustrated with the behaviour here,” he said. “No one misunderstands the rules.”

“We are enforcing that closure order, and it is being enforced right now, and it will be enforced.”

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