WATCH! Omar Encourages US Muslims to ‘Raise Hell’ (VIDEO)

Antisemitic freshman congresswoman Ilhan Omar is at it again. This time firing up US Muslims at a rally on Saturday.

The radical Omar spoke at a CAIR event where she claimed that Muslims are a “second class citizen” in the United States.

Omar then went on to encourage Muslims at the CAIR conference to “raise hell, make people uncomfortable!”

The radical freshman congresswoman continues to encourage anger, hate, and violence towards Israel, Jewish Americans, and Americans in general.

When will Omar be held accountable. As you know we broke the story put out by Rush Limbaugh on Friday where Omar has been having secret fundraisers with groups that support terrorism.

Omar continues to do nothing American, and everything to support an Anti-American agenda.

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[…] made radical remarks on Saturday in California where she called on United States Muslims to “raise hell” and to “make people feel uncomfortable.” You can read that full story as reported first by […]