WATCH: NY Mets Pitcher Chris Bassitt Slams COVID Protocols: “Stop Testing, Stop Acting Like Covid is far worse than a lot other things”

Chris Bassitt gets it, and he’s just like the majority of hard working Americans who use commons sense and logic. Stop acting like Covid is something more than a severe cold or a flu.

Bassitt had to sit out nearly two weeks because he tested positive. He says he tested himself because he has a little girl at home that he was concerned about. Bassitt says he never had any symptoms other than feeling sluggish for one day.

“It’s ridiculous we’re still doing it.”

The reporter asked what the solution was, and Bassitt slammed Covid protocols.

“Stop testing, stop acting like Covid is far worse than a lot of other things. I’m not trying to get too much into it, but I was never sick. Never had a symptom. So sitting out for two weeks or possibly a week for zero symptoms, I don’t know.”

“I guess the answer is I should have never said anything, I should have never said I tested positive and I probably won’t the rest of my career. There’s no way there’s no reason.”

Watch the full interview below:

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Mike Tracy
Mike Tracy
4 months ago

He’s exactly right.covid is way overblown and exaggerated by the Biden administration. I had covid, and it gave me a slight fever and headache for 4 days. I’ve never been vaccinated, and i have a natural immunity to it that doesn’t prevent me from associating with people that do have covid. I know several other people like myself who got covid before there was ever a vaccine. I will never get vaccinated! Before there was ever such a thing as covid, flu viruses killed hundreds of thousands of people in the US every year. But now, flu viruses are extinct.… Read more »