WATCH! New Hampshire Voter Destroys MSNBC on Mueller Report ‘Move On’ (VIDEO)

MSNBC didn’t realize the buzz-saw they were walking into with this primary voter in New Hampshire.

Say hello to Harold Chase America, a voter from New Hampshire who like the majority of Americans is sick and tired of hearing about Russia and the Mueller Report.

“Well my thoughts are like I said earlier, it’s all false, the reports. There is nothing in there that shows the President of the United States is guilty of anything. “

The reporter then asks “When you say they, I think you talking about Democrats?” Who else would he be talking about? And you wonder why people call you fake news.

When asked if the Democrats should keep talking about the Russian Collusion story Chase said, “Absolutely not, its just going to destroy them. They won’t get in, they won’t win in 2020 if they keep pushing this.”

“Well the report is out, I think they just need to move on, and drop it. If they just keep going forward they’re not going to get anywhere, they’re just destroying themselves,” Chase added.

It’s always nice when a common sense voter gets to speak to a liberal platform. I wonder how many people went running for safe spaces and snuggle puppies after watching this?

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Mike R.
Mike R.
3 years ago

The Left just cannot play the long game. Myopia at its worst, and they will pay dearly for it next year.