WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Suggests She’s Also Open to Expanding U.S. District Courts as Well as SCOTUS Under Biden

Democrats continue to prove they view the Constitution as an impediment, not an asset, to governing America and are vowing to undermine it at every opportunity if they win power next week.

After President Donald Trump nominated and the Republican-controlled Senate confirmed Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court this week, one by one Democrats are threatening to “pack” it with like-minded leftists if they can win the White House and wrest control of the Senate.

In an interview with one of MSNBC’s resident lunatics, Chris Hayes, on Monday – as the chyron read “The Trump Crisis” – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) not only vowed to pack the high court but also suggested that Democrats would expand the number of lower federal courts as well, again, to pack the Judicial Branch with leftist political activists, essentially combining the Legislative and Judicial Branches into a ‘super-legislature.’

“Are you, as Speaker of the House, are you open to efforts to [expand the courts] in the future?” Hayes asked.

“Well, I think that Joe Biden has given us a good path,” Pelosi responded. 

“He’s going to have something that people can understand why this is important,” she said, adding “not just the Supreme Court but the other courts.”

Pelosi justified the expansion because America’s “population has grown enormously since then” – as if that has anything to do with anything (the Constitution says nothing about apportioning federal courts on the size of the population).

“And that relates to the nine district courts, maybe we need more district courts as well. And one other thing we need, we need for these justices to disclose their holdings,” she claimed, referring to their finances, insinuating that the conservative justices, at least, are making decisions based on economic interests.


“They’re in this Ivory Tower, and again, one branch of government-appointed the other branch of government,” Pelosi continued, before she just devolved into a bumbling idiot spewing word salad.

In fact, the founders wanted justices and federal judges to have lifetime tenure so they couldn’t be influenced in the future by meddling political partisans like Nancy Pelosi. What she and other Democrats want is clear in the wake of Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment: They want to do what Barack Obama did to the Justice Department and intelligence community: Politicize federal courts so that they disregard the Constitution and perpetually rule in Democrats’ favor, period.

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