WATCH: MSNBC’s Joy Reid Claims the Only Reason People Care About Ukraine is Because They are ‘White and Largely Christian’

Just when you thought that things couldn’t get anymore ignorant, in comes MSNBC host Joy Reid. On Monday night’s The ReidOut show, she said one of the dumbest things imaginable.

Reid stated that the only reason that people care about the war in the Ukraine is because their population is “white and largely Christian.”

No, Joy, we don’t give a damn what race they are, most of us don’t want to start WWIII like the media, Democrats, and even a majority of uniformed idiot stick conservatives. We want no troops in Ukraine, and we want America to stay the hell out of it. However even a situation like this allows you to be your true racist self, doesn’t it?

“What we’re seeing in Ukraine is absolutely the worst humanitarian crisis that Europe has seen in decades.” Of course, with Reid there is always a catch: “but we haven’t witnessed the same type of solidarity for the Yeminies as we do for the Ukrainians,” Reid whined.  

Reid wasn’t done burying herself and proving she’s a racist. She was just getting warmed up.

“The coverage of Ukraine has revealed a pretty radical disparity in how human Ukrainians look and feel to western media compared to their browner and blacker counterparts, with some reporters using very telling comparisons in their analyses of the war.”

According to Reid, the world only cares about this war because they’re white and Christian, and it’s taking place in Europe.

When people ask me why the world is going to hell in a hand basket, well I think I have an idea. America is on the brink of WWIII and economic collapse, and these people are worried about calling each other racists and being social justice warriors as usual. It’s sickening.

Let us know your thoughts and comment below.

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Sheila Sure
Sheila Sure
6 months ago

She’s got her lies mixed up again. Americans do NOT care for the communists of the Ukraine at all, them with their faked staged events of actors being murdered paid by Soros. Putin is a hero to us for taking out the biolabs and getting the PROOF Ukraine helped STEAL OUR ELECTIONS.

6 months ago

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