WATCH: MSNBC’s Brian Williams & NYT Mara Gay Explain How Bloomberg Can Give Every American $1 Million with $500 Million…

You know the old saying, stupid is as stupid does. We’re about to give you a prime example of that.

Here’s MSNBC anchor Brian Williams and NYT Editorial Board member Mara Gay telling you that Bloomberg could have given every American $1 Million dollars with the $500 Million he spent on his campaign.

Yes, you heard that right, these geniuses are telling you that Mike Bloomberg can turn $500 Million into enough to give every American $1 million dollars. These are the same people that are doing Bernie Sanders math on medicare for all by the way.

It’s unreal that Americans actually take these people as legit sources of news, yet I’m not considered a journalist according to some folks in our nations capital. Weird how that works, isn’t it?

Watch the full video below. For those doing the math, that’s about $1.53 per American that Bloomberg could divide his $500 million he spent on his campaign up with.

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