WATCH! MSNBC Reporter Harasses Robert Mueller at Easter Mass (VIDEO)

The Russiagate conspiracy theorists are out of control. This morning during Easter Mass, MSNBC tracked down Robert Mueller and harassed he and his wife. This was absolutely disgusting.

Mueller of course along with his Special Counsel found no evidence of Russian Collusion. However they left open Obstruction of Justice in a weasel like move to be up to the Department of Justice.

You can watch the idiots from MSNBC harass Mueller and his wife in the video below.

As I’ve stated many times on my show, when someone accuses you of something that you didn’t do, you have every right to defend yourself. That’s exactly what President Trump did.

Defending yourself from liars is not obstruction, it’s human nature. Shame on the left, they just can’t let this go, and it’s going to cost them the very existence of the Democratic party.

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