WATCH: Mitt Romney BOOED at Utah GOP Convention (VIDEO)

The American people are fed up with fake politicians and RINO’s, and they showed that on Saturday at Utah’s GOP condition and unloaded on Senator Mitt Romney.

Romney who attacked President Donald J. Trump at every single turn during his presidency took the state in Utah on Saturday, and it wasn’t pretty.

Romney starts off with “now you know me, and I wasn’t a fan of our last presidents character issues” and the crowd unloads on him with boos and jeers.

Romney was booed off the stage by the crowd in Utah, and can’t regain his composure. This is so deserving of this snake, enjoy patriots!

If you’re having a rough day, here’s this video of Mitt Romney being boo’ed off the stage at Utah’s GOP convention to brighten it up.


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1 year ago

Totally FED UP!