WATCH! Mindy Robinson UNLOADS on Clark County, Nevada School Board and Receives Roaring Ovation!

Our own Mindy Robinson unloaded on the Clark County, Nevada School Board this past week over the Draconian mandates they are trying to impose on children.

Mindy explains that the CDC isn’t keeping track of vaccine deaths, and that we know people have died from the vaccines.

“I already had to write four negative articles on this district this month alone, let’s hope you don’t make it five.”

Robinson continued…

“Now I can’t believe I had to come here to say this, but you don’t have the right to inject an experimental substance into someone’s body against their will or have them lose their livelihood, you don’t have that right.”

Turns out, Mindy was must getting warmed up!

“Number One, it’s not about public safety, and if it was, you would care if someone was automatically immune because they’ve already recovered and you wouldn’t be trying to test it on our kids.”

“Number Two, It is not safe, I am sorry, you can hide the side effects and all of the posts about it, but we see it. There are side effects, and there are deaths. Do you know that the CDC doesn’t even.. If I got the shot and died in the hallway five minutes later, they don’t count that as a vaccine death. We have no idea how many people truly died from this thing, and it’s horrifying, IT’S HORRIFYING.”

“And Third, Even if it was the safest thing on this planet, even if it was a jelly sandwich, you have no right to force us to take or eat it.”

Watch the full amazing video below Patriots! Mindy received a standing ovation from the crowd in attendance.

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Thoth al Khem
Thoth al Khem
1 year ago

Mindy has more balls than pussified American Men. The BPA has destroyed men… is ESTROGEN and you all consume it daily.

1 year ago

Turn the DadBlamed music OFF!

Alan V Horn
Alan V Horn
1 year ago

Mindy, you are a national hero to Americans and a world hero to humanity. I’m so glad GOD plays a big part in your life. I’m so glad We, the People, have you on our side. We will win because GOD always wins!