WATCH: McEnany Scorches CNN’s Cuomo After He Criticized Trump

Newly appointed White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has already been a home run for President Donald Trump.  

She is very intelligent and calm while absolutely dismantling “gotcha” questions from the liberal mainstream media. And that’s exactly what she did again this week when she absolutely obliterated CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

During a press briefing on Wednesday, McEnany responded to a question from a reporter who mentioned Cuomo had criticized Trump for taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure against the coronavirus.

The reporter also tried snidely telling McEnany that the American Nurses Association said they have not received reports from nurses taking hydroxychloroquine as preventative treatment for COVID-19.

First, McEnany said Henry Ford Hospital is doing a study with 3,000 front-line workers taking hydroxychloroquine and that Tampa General Hospital is doing the same test with a few hundred workers. 

“Hydroxychloroquine has been a drug in use for 65 years for lupus, arthritis, and malaria. It has a very good safety profile but as with any drug and any prescription, it should be given by a doctor to a patient in that context, so no one should be taking this without a prescription from their doctor,” McEnany said.

Then, she went after the media for pushing bizarrely over-hyped doom-and-gloom coverage over hydroxychloroquine, a drug that has been around for over 50 years and is approved by the FDA.

“You had Chris Cuomo saying the president knows hydroxychloroquine is not supported by science. He knows it has been flagged by his own people and is using it. Well, Cuomo mocked the president for this and interestingly, I found this out just before coming here, hydroxychloroquine, of course, is FDA approved medication with a long proven track record for safety. It turns out, Chris Cuomo took a less safe version of it called quinine, which the FDA removed from the market in 2006 because of its serious side effects including death,” she said.

McEnany was referring to a blog post that Cuomo’s wife’s write while Chris was quarantined last month after testing positive for the coronavirus. 

In her blog post, she wrote that Chris was taking potentized quinine, which is a synthetic derivative of chloroquine. In other words, he was essentially taking a less-than-safe version of hydroxychloroquine. 

“So, really interesting to have that criticism of the president on that note to Chris Cuomo, I would like to redirect him to his brother, the governor of New York, Governor Cuomo, who has several on the record statements about hydroxychloroquine saying, ‘I’m an optimist, I’m hopeful about the drug and that’s why we’ll try here in New York as soon as we get it. There has been anecdotal evidence that it’s promising, that’s why we are going ahead.’ I have about eight other quotes from Governor Cuomo should any of you have interest in it,” McEnany concluded.

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Kathy McPherson
Kathy McPherson
2 years ago

Doctors in Texas are finding hydroxychloroquine is curing their Covid patients. Why are the Dr’s and their patients being harassed by Walgreens (and some other pharmacies) when they fill the Rx?

2 years ago

A lot of doc are refusing to prescribe and pharmacies are refusing to fill prescripts all over the country!