WATCH: McCarthy Officially REJECTS Swalwell and Schiff Appointments to House Intel Committee – Then UNLOADS on Schiff to Leftist Media Clowns

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy continued to stay true to his word and hold Democrats and their corruption in Washington, D.C. accountable.

As you may have heard, Democrat Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-TX) nominated corrupt Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff who repeatedly lied to the American people on the fake Russian hoax dossier for years, even after McCarthy said they would not be accepted.

McCarthy’s response is below.

“I am committed to returning the House Intel Committee to one of genuine honesty and credibility that regains the trust of the American people,” McCarthy said.

Schiff and Swalwell should never be allowed on Committees again, they are as corrupt as they come.

Now I won’t be Swalwell up over banging Fang Fang, he wasn’t even in Congress when that occurred, he was a city council member in California. So let’s be clear on that, no one should care, its’ actually a weak conservative talking point.

McCarthy however laid into Schiff afterwords, watch below.


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“No! He does NOT have a right to sit on that [Intelligence Committee]!”

“The FBI was concerned about putting a Member of Congress on the Intel Committee — that has the rights to see things that others don’t — because of his knowledge and relationship with a Chinese spy.” —

How do you rate McCarthy’s job performance so far?

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