WATCH! Matt Couch Discusses Dominion & SCYTL Voter Software & Fraud With Host Anna Khait as the Fight for America Continues

Our own Matt Couch joined host Anna Khait on Monday evening to discuss the latest in voter fraud allegations from the Trump legal team, as well as things his team has uncovered with Dominion and SCYTL.

In the broadcast the two talk about everything from keeping Americans in prayer for our nation to the fraud that was perpetrated on the American people.

As many of you know by now, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and Congressman Louis Gohmert have all in the last 24-48 hours discussed these systems and their findings, Matt’s team has also dug into how they were used for voter fraud in Venezuela among other nations with corrupt dictators as their leaders.

Listen to the FULL INTERVIEW BELOW: It’s a can’t miss show with Matt & Anna!

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