WATCH: Matt Couch Discusses Big Tech Censorship, Midterm Elections, and Being Silenced on The American Journal on InfoWars

Our own Matt Couch was a guest on InfoWars today with special guest host and One American Podcast founder Chase Geiser. The two discussed many topics, including censorship and the pivotal midterm elections in November.

Geiser and Couch discussed the scene from the movie NETWORK, which aired in 1976, and how it truly resembles almost everything you are seeing in America right now.

You can check out the infamous scene below “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore!”

Its’ a great show guest hosted by Chase Geiser and we encourage you all to check out The American Journal this week as Chase guest hosts!

Watch the show by clicking HERE.

The American Journal: The Globalists Want You To Give Out So You Can Give In To The Great Reset

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