WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene HAMMERS Democrats Over BLM-Antifa Riots vs January 6 Incident on House Floor Speech

Marjorie Taylor Greene knows how to trigger the leftist media and the Democrats, and she’s at it again after hammering them on the House floor.

She went after the Democrats who refuse to discuss the year of riots and burnings around America in 2020 that resulted in $9 Billion in damages by Antifa and Black Lives Matter last year. However the Capitol Insurrection as the leftist mob in D.C. calls it saw no deaths, just one, a Trump supporter named Ashli Babbitt who was shot dead at point blank range in the face by a Capitol Police officer that his name still hasn’t been released by the media.

“Today, I rose to address the two-track justice system here in America. If you are part of the Democrat-sponsored domestic terrorist orgs BLM & Antifa, you can burn down cities & businesses and murder citizens but face no investigation or commission from Congress. Meanwhile, if you are a Trump supporter who happened to be at the Capitol on January 6th, exorbitant bail, solitary confinement, abuse by jail guards and no due process.This is an outrage.” – Marjorie Taylor Greene

“The Major Cities Chiefs Association fond that between May 25th and July 31st there 8,700 protests nationwide. Eight thousand, seven hundred. How many was there on January 6th? One. Nearly 600 of those “protests” were declared riots with violence and criminal acts and 2,385 looting incidents were reported. 600 of them were declared violent riots. 2,385 looting incidents. Again, how many times did that happen here at the Capitol? We’ll go with 1 riot. But this Congress is more interested in spending an unknown amount of money to investigate 1 riot here because this Congress seems to only care about itself and not the American people. Three quarters of law enforcement agencies reported officers harmed during the “protests”. Three quarters guys. Three quarters of law enforcement agencies. Why don’t we hear about them over and over on the news? Does no one care about those police officer’s lives? Apparently not. This Congress obviously doesn’t. More than 624 arsons were reported and at least 97 police vehicles were burned. That cost a lot of money. Again, do you know who’s money that is? The taxpayers dollars, that did nothing wrong to deserve these riots in their cities. And the police officers that did a good job and do a good job every day, don’t deserve it either. Just because of the actions of a few bad apples.” – Marjorie Taylor Greene

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