WATCH! Loudoun, Virginia School Board Has Constituents Arrested For Not Leaving Meeting & Protesting Them

This is one of the most despicable things you’re going to watch this week. A week and pathetic Virginia school board has constituents arrested for not leaving exactly when they say, and for challenging their Marxist and tyrannical rulings on Critical Race Theory.

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s office declared the School board meeting an unlawful assembly and told everyone to get out or they would be trespassing. Two arrests were made of parents and constituents who were voicing their rights against these draconian policies.

Two arrests made at the Loudoun County, Virginia school board meeting after it was declared an unlawful assembly and some parents here to protest against critical race theory and a transgender policy refused to leave right away #CriticalRaceTheory

Parents were livid and hundreds booed and jeered the liberal school boards rulings.

You can watch the horrific violation of rights and video below from the liberal reporter who took the video.

Tony Shaffer added the following on Twitter.

The Progressive Cult of the Left pushing the racist Critical Race Theory (CRT) (that says that everyone is racist, period) will result in more and more citizens pushing back vigorously. There is no room in education or our Republic to teach racism as acceptable or justifiable…

This is disgusting to see this happening in America, this is what our founding fathers warned us about.

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1 year ago

It seems loudoun county needs to purge their school board and the sheriffs office. Law suits should be filed.