WATCH LIVE! Arizona Audit Report to Arizona Senate RELEASED

The Arizona Senate will release its long-awaited audit report of the 2020 election in AZ. Senate President Karen Fann and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Warren Petersen will receive the report on the Senate floor at 1 p.m. followed by a detailed discussion of its findings.

You can watch it all LIVE below!


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George Miller
George Miller
1 year ago

LOL already released report… Biden got even more votes than #IMPOTUS 2x …
Face it, 45 is a loser.

1 year ago

HIDE’n BIDE’n may have received 285 more votes via this audit but the audit also revealed over 13,000 votes that were FALSELY COUNTED for Joe. Now multiply that by the rest of the States counties AND then the rest of the 50 States. One could use a little Common Sense and deduce Trump won BY A LANDSLIDE margin.
Say what you will Lefty’s, you cannot take a pass on FACTS.