WATCH: Liberal Teacher BUSTED “Most of Your Parents are Dumber Than You” and “I Hate Donald Trump”

What you’re about to witness is a liberal teacher doing what we’ve all been telling you they are doing for years. They are liberally indoctrinating our children at alarming rates with their leftist opinions and feelings teachings.

Meet Leah Kinyon at Lehi High School in Lehi, Utah, and she’s got a ton to say about not only her students, but their parents. She’s apparently an expert on the vaccine, politics, and is shaming her children into taking an experimental vaccine.

“Most of your parents are dumber than you”

“You don’t have to do everything your parents say”

“I hate Donald Trump”

This happens all over America but most don’t have a kid brave enough to film it.

Watch the full video below of this ridiculous rant full of lies and propaganda. She should be FIRED immediately!

“If you don’t believe in climate change, get the hell out.”

Then she tells a student, “that’s pathetic that you think that, you’re the problem with the world” as you. can hear a male student challenge her. Then she goes on to talk about how she loves gays more than anyone else, and says “If I hear you say a damn word about any of them, I will open a can on you.”

Again, watch the video, and fire this woman immediately. She’s what’s wrong with our schools, and why we need school choice now and the Teachers Unions OUT in America!

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1 year ago

And the reason you still have your children in public school is?

Laura Dowell
Laura Dowell
1 year ago

She should be snatched out of this classroom and never be allowed to teach anyone’s children anywhere again EVER!!! This Person is NO teacher!!!