WATCH: Legendary Paul Harvey Details ‘The Signers of the Declaration of Independence’

Happy Independence Day America. What we now call The Fourth of July, and we are truly blessed to be here as a free nation today.

The legendary Paul Harvey was a modern day prophet, and I remember countless times listening to him with my father and grandfather growing up. In the video below, you’ll hear Paul give his favorite part of the Declaration of Independence, and he’ll explain some things about our founders that you never new.

I hope you truly enjoy this as much as my family has.

The sacrifices of this nation must never be forgotten my friends, please share this article today with someone you love. God Bless, and Happy Fourth of July!

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2 years ago

I, too, grew up listening to Paul Harvey, a ‘prophet’ (profit), and thank you for sharing this wonderful video on our nation’s founders. President Trump’s speech at Mt. Rushmore & videos like this should be taught in our schools so students can grow up knowing the history of this great nation and why so many have died fighting to keep it. We grew up saying the Pledge of Allegiance each day while saluting our Flag, and today, I still get chills singing the National Anthem while my hand is over my heart. Having faith and trust in God who led… Read more »