WATCH! Las Vegas Shop Owner Stabs Thief Trying to Rob Him Multiple Times – ‘I’m Dead, I’m Dead’ Thief Murmurs [WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO]

A store owner in Las Vegas, Nevada foiled the plans of a couple of miscreants who were looking to rob his store, and he stopped them with extreme prejudice.

Of course the idiots in the media had an expert on the video you will watch below, saying if the items are replaceable, you should just let the would be thieves take whatever they want. To hell with that, America needs law and order, and this has to stop. Kudos to this store owner, you try to rob me, you’ll get the exact same thing in return, bank on it!

Newman says he believed he stabbed the robber seven times.

“I had to assume that they had a firearm, I had to make sure I could protect myself.”

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The dolt of a reporter asked “Did you see it?” They are trying to rob the store you complete moron. This is what’s wrong with the media. They side with thugs, miscreants, rioters, and mainly Democrats. Because that’s who does this shit.

I didn’t think he planned on getting stabbed that day. If you try robbing a store, you’re taking that risk. This is a small business obviously”

Newman drug the suspect outside and called 911. The fact the media tries to say that he should have just let his store get robbed is disgusting, shame on Channel 8 for even insinuating such a thing.

WATCH the encounter below [WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT]

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