WATCH: Landlord Smashes Shop Windows in United Kingdom After Tenant Doesn’t Pay Rent for Six Months

A bizarre moment in the United Kingdom as a “Landlord” has smashed the shop windows with a hammer pin front of stunned shoppers in a dispute over the fact that rent hadn’t been paid to him in six months.

It’s unsure whether the tenant wasn’t’ paying due to Covid protocols, or if it’s just simply they weren’t paying, but the Landlord took matters into his own hands. After all, the owns the building, and he decided if they won’t pay, he’ll destroy the windows to get them out.

Somehow he was arrested for destroying his own property in the United Kingdom, that country perplexes me.

Video posted on social media shows two men armed with hammers destroying the windows of a shop in Edgware Road on Monday afternoon in front of a crowd of shocked passersby.

A woman can be heard screaming inside the shop as police arrived and made arrests. Two men were later seen handcuffed and escorted out before being put in the back of a police van. 

Three men were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage at the scene of the incident, which is thought to have occurred after a dispute over rent escalated into violence.  

Following the arrests, a woman was seen shouting to a crowd of people about the scenes in front of the shopfront and claiming that the owners of the Edgware Road store were behind the incident. 

A Metropolitan Police spokesman told MailOnline: ‘Police were called to a premises in Edgware Road, W2, shortly before 17:45hrs on Monday, 30 August to reports of criminal damage.

‘Officers attended. Three men were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage. They have been taken into custody.’ 

What are your thoughts folks, did the Landlord have the right to get someone not paying out of his building so he could actually make money on a property he owns?

Thanks to our friends at The Daily Mail for contributing to this article.

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