WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany Nukes Pelosi, Plays Salon Footage On Loop In Front Of Reporters

During a press conference on Thursday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany unloaded on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for her trip to the hair salon.

McEnany played the surveillance footage on loop as she unloaded on the speaker.

“Apparently, the rules do not apply to Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” said McEnany. “She wants small businesses to stay shut down but only reopen for her convenience.”

She continued, “‘Do as I say, not as I do,’ says Nancy Pelosi.”

“Nancy Pelosi is holding up $1.3 trillion in relief for the American people, while getting special access to the very kind of small businesses that the money would support,” McEnany blasted.


During an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the owner of the San Francisco salon, Erica Kious blasted Pelosi as well after she accused the salon of a “set-up” after she broke her own COVID guidelines at the salon.

“She had called the stylist, or her assistant did, and made the appointment, so the appointment was already booked, so there was no way I could’ve set that up,” Kious said. “And I’ve had a camera system in there for five years. I mean, I didn’t go in there and turn cameras on as soon as she walked in to set her up. So that’s absolutely false.”

“So, Pelosi says that salons in San Francisco, and of course she lives there and she’s the most powerful democratic legislator in the world, but she said she understood that the restrictions allowed a one-on-one appointment in salons,” Carlson said. “What do you make on that?”

“I heard that, and I thought to myself, well, as a hairstylist I see clients one-on-one, so, that would mean I would be open, right?” Kious replied.

“Are you open?” Carlson asked.

“No,” she shockingly responded, making it clear that Pelosi sees herself above the law.

Carlson then asked Kious what the shut down has done to her business.

Kious responded: “For the past six months, we’ve, I mean, we are pretty much done. I mean, we’ve lost at least 60% of our clients. I’ve lost the majority of my staff, so, six months is a long time to be closed down.”

“How do you feel about seeing the most powerful woman in America come into your salon in violation of the rules she supports, get caught, and then blame you for it?” Carlson questioned.

“To be honest, it was more hurtful,” Kious replied. “She’s been coming in for quite a while, and just to see her come in and especially not wearing the mask, that’s what really got to me, but this isn’t even political. She’s been coming in there. It’s the fact that she actually came in and didn’t have a mask on, and I just thought about my staff and people not being able to work and make money and provide for their families, and if she is in there comfortably without a mask and feeling safe, then why are we shut down? Why am I not able to have clients come in? So, it’s been hard.”

“If Nancy Pelosi feels comfortable using your salon, why can’t civilians use it?” Carlson asked.

“Exactly and I’ll be honest, in our area in San Francisco, we are obviously the last county or city to not open,” she replied. “We’ve been trying to figure that out. We’ve been asking ourselves these questions for six months—I mean for the past actually four months, of why we are not reopened, and it’s kind of a good question. Again, we don’t know.”

Kious then revealed that she would be moving out of the San Francisco area.

“The hard part of all this is that I’ve been in that community for 12 years and since this has happened, I have received nothing but hate text messages, death threats, they’re going to burn my hair salon down,” she said. “My Yelp page is just unbelievable with bad reviews. It’s just sad that my community is pulling this, when they are saying that I threw her under the bus when I didn’t. So that’s hurtful, but yeah, I think I’m pretty much done there.”


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1 year ago

San Francisco residents NEED to think about Nancy’s “Rules for Thee but not for Me” attitude.
It’s time to remove her from office.