WATCH! Karen Goes Bonkers ‘You Super-Spreaders, You Voted for Trump, Didn’t You!?’ ENRAGED at Those Without Face Diapers

An insane new Karen has emerged, this time going bonkers at a Walmart as maskless shoppers around the store felt her wrath.

The angry Karen went berserk in a Walmart when she spotted a couple shopping without face diapers (masks) on.

She made initial contact and they largely ignored the woman, however the unhinged woman then stalked down the unmasked couple around the store as they shopped, while attempting others to join in on her meltdown and shaming attempt.

“These people are not wearing masks, isn’t that rude?!” she exclaimed desperately while clapping and yelling about Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and of course Steven Colbert.


After watching this insanity, its very apparent mass formation psychosis is very real.

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