WATCH: Joy Behar speaking about Trump ‘God Forbid he Lives’

Joy Behar of the View is out of control. First she made fun of Vice President Mike Pence and mocked his Christian Faith, Tuesday she said “God forbid he lives” in reference to President Trump. How much longer will Disney executives allow the likes of Behar, Keith Olbermann, and others to have jobs while firing people like Roseanne Barr?

These people have done and said far worse about a sitting President than Roseanne Barr ever could have. It’s despicable that they still have jobs.

Meanwhile they bring on liberal rhetoric stating the United States government allowed people to die. It’s a Hurricane you delusional idiot sticks. President Trump at this point could save 12 children from a burning orphanage and cure cancer, and liberals would say he took jobs away from the grim reaper and doctors..

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