WATCH: Joe Rogan Eviscerates Liberals For Saying Black Conservatives Are ‘White Supremacists’

During a brand new episode of his podcast, Joe Rogan eviscerated Democrats and liberals who call black conservative blacks “white supremacists”.

“You can’t be gay and be in ISIS, you know?” Rogan told fellow comedian Theo Von on Monday. “That’s like being a Black White Supremacist, but actually, that’s possible now. They’re saying that. Anytime a Black person says anything that doesn’t go with the Democratic Party narrative. They said that person’s carrying water for white supremacists,” he added.

“Any time a black person says anything that doesn’t go with the democratic narrative, they said that person is carrying water for white supremacists,” Rogan said. “They’re out of their f**king minds”

“That lady that was the new Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, that’s a black woman who, she is sponsored by the NRA…They’re saying, her becoming the Lieutenant Governor is a victory for white supremacy,” he continued.

Watch below:

“When Larry Elder was running for Governor for California, they said he’s the black face of white supremacy,” Rogan continued, referencing a column published by the Los Angeles Times titled, “Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy. You’ve been warned. What? what are you saying? What the f**k are you saying?” Rogan added.

The left can’t handle facts, so they have to resort to childish and worthless insults. This is what they have become.

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