WATCH! Joe Biden’s Wife Removes His Hands in Latest Rally Video

Joe Biden can’t stop being Joe Biden.

Even his wife, Jill, seems to be tired of all the touching.

Old soundbites are coming back to haunt Biden.

That shouldn’t be a huge surprise, given the former vice president’s propensity for gaffes.

This latest unearthed clip shows Joe sounding a lot like President Trump when it comes to illegal immigration, even slamming “corrupt Mexico.”


A review of rhetoric from Joe Biden’s record on immigration. It included boasting about needing a 700 mile fence to stop “tons…tons…tons” of drugs from “corrupt Mexico” in 2006. Jailing employers who hire “illegals” and not allowing sanctuary cities.View image on Twitter

Republicans would like this old Joe. Unfortunately, Democrats have gone too far left to see straight.

The biggest problem is that by the time Dems open their eyes to their ignorant ways, it may be too late for America.

Then what? Once you vote your way into socialism, you have to fight your way out.

Not a heck of a long time ago, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Congress had to pass the Affordable Care Act bill to find out what was in it.

It is a line for which she will always be remembered.

Of course, since the ACA went into effect Americans began to hurt. The real purpose of Obamacare was wealth redistribution – and don’t you forget it.

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