WATCH: Joe Biden Jumbles Words During Confusing Hurricane Ida Speech In Louisiana

Dear God, this is the President of the United States. I can’t understand anything he’s saying, or what message he’s trying to portray.

At first this was humorous, how it’s scary. This person is unfit to be President, and his Vice President was less popular than Willie Brown at Karaoke night at a Twin Peaks.

This is horrific, and it’s growing ever so clear that 81 million people did not support this clown for President of the United States. We’ll show the full video in question, but let me translate exactly what was said below.

“Helping with what fancy phrase transitional sheltering assistance, meaning a place for you to be safely able to sleep at night and be secure, like covering your hotel bill you racked up because you couldn’t stay at home during a hurricane because your home is not livable now.”

Wait, what?

Watch for yourself below America!

Are you as confused as we are America? Comment below!

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