WATCH: Jen Psaki Brags About Making Her Kindergartener Wear a Mask All Day

In today’s version of you just can’t make this **** up, White House Press Secretary brags about her rising Kindergartener who just can’t wait to wear a mask. Really Jen? I’ve got two daughters, and they both think you’re an idiot and crazy.

That’s right, now they’re shaming you because if a five-year-old can do it, why can’t you America? Well for starters, I don’t let five year olds decide what our Founding Fathers fought over was irrelevant, how’s that for starters?

She was asked a question about harmful, emotional, academic, and psychological effects of putting Kindergartners in masks for hours at a time.

Psaki’s response is pathetic.

“No there’s not, and I will tell you from personal experience my rising Kindergartener told me two days ago she could wear masks all day, and she’s just happy to go to camp, and go to school.”

My God America, do these people really believe the insanity that they are shoveling? You mean a child not being able to see facial expressions, smiles, laughter, emotions doesn’t take a toll on our children? These people are lying tyrants, and the time for silence from American parents is over.

Watch the Insane video below.

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