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WATCH: James Carville LOSES IT After Bernie Wins Nevada (VIDEO)

There is much weeping and gnashing of teeth among the DNC establishment over the huge win by Bernie Sanders in the Nevada caucuses and his new front-runner status. 

Bernie was slimed six ways from Sunday by Democrat propagandists as well as the corrupt intelligence committee which claims that the Kremlin is assisting his campaign and he still clobbered everyone else. 

An ugly mood over Saturday’s big day in Nevada hung like a stink cloud over MSNBC with its conspiracy-spewing pundits bemoaning the increasing likelihood that the only way to stop Bernie will be to screw him at the convention. 

One who was particularly rattled was longtime Democrat strategist James Carville, the man who engineered Bill Clinton’s 1992 upset of George H.W. Bush and the man who coined the famous “it’s the economy stupid” slogan. 

Carville melted down and like his fellow travelers, sought to recapture lightning in a bottle by rebooting the debunked Russian collusion delusion that President Trump is a secret Kremlin sleeper agent that Vladimir Putin is playing thirteen-dimensional chess. 

James Carville: Putin is trying to help Sen. Sanders because Putin wants President Trump to win. It’s a straight line. “I don’t think Sanders wants Putin to help … I think they don’t like this story, but the story is a fact.”

Watch the Video Below, and enjoy!

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