WATCH: Instagram Video Goes VIRAL Illustrating Where Progressives Can Stick Their ‘Pandemic Amnesty’ Requests

This video went viral, and we mean it took off like a scud missile. As you may have heard by now, all of the tyrants who cost tens of millions of Americans their livelihoods, health, and more now want amnesty for what they did during the draconian Covid-19 lockdowns.

The lovely liberals over at The Atlantic are now saying “Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty, with the words “We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID.”

Nah, I agree with the poster below, y’all can kiss our asses. You deserve what’s coming to you for destroying our nation, rigging an election, and being absolute tyrants that our founders warned us about.

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People were insane. Flight Attendants were empowered Nazis literally kicking people off of flights and reminding some of us 37 times in one flight to put our mask back on while we were eating, drinking, or hell just F’N breathing. Hotel staff were tyrants, an empowered generation of liberals took full advantage to treat any of us who didn’t kiss the crown like shit. Yeah, we’ll kiss our asses, we’re not giving you shit.

Podcaster Jennifer Mock has released a video showing how ridiculous such an argument sounds to let these assholes in government and everywhere else off the hook without any repercussions for their bullshit actions.


The outfits from the “Free Britney” shirt as liberals think it’s cool that Britney Spears shows her boobs and ass all over Instagram and other platforms now that she’s “free.” Absolutely nailed it on the hypocrisy and stupidity of the left here.

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Elder Son
26 days ago

Millions of Americans who worshiped at the alter of the Majick Covid Spells, the Majick Covid Rituals, and the Majick Covid Elixirs…

Should be on their knees asking God for forgiveness for their folly and foolishness.

But you just won’t admit it… because: But… but… we believed them!

26 days ago

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